A-Rosa Brava, 5 Nights Romance on the Rhine ex Cologne, Germany Return

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5 Night Cruise sailing from Cologne, Germany onboard A-Rosa Brava

Even UNESCO fell in love with the Middle Rhine Valley. This World Heritage Site invites your romantic fantasies to run wild. What kind of adventures did the heroic residents of the mighty castles have? What did they fight for? For faith, countries, power or love? And how much truth is there in the legend about Lorelei and all the sailors who sank in the river’s wild currents (currents that have since been tamed) because of her? A wonderful backdrop to which everyone – not just romantics, but anyone with a vivid imagination and an interest in history – can raise a glass of excellent regional wine. And as you do so, you can recall the wonderful experiences of the past few days and look forward to the coming ones, when you’ll encounter stunning scenes of natural beauty along with some of the most magnificent cities along the Rhine.

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