A-Rosa Silva, 5 Nights Experience the Moselle ex Cologne, Germany Return

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5 Night Cruise sailing from Cologne, Germany onboard A-Rosa Silva

The Moselle has really worked its magic on the landscape here. In primeval times the river found the most beautiful route through the Rhenish Massif, a route full of graceful curves. It then made the hillsides and forests so fertile that it feels like you’re gliding through Tolkien’s legendary Shire. Lush vineyards between cliffs and picturesque villages benefit from a perfect climate. Sunny and mild, it provides ideal conditions for the region’s 2,000-year-old wine tradition. This tradition created a Riesling that is now found in the world’s top restaurants. And in the blossoming villages that seem to belong to another era, the people are equally sunny and cheerful. Everyone takes their time, with the result that visitors also get a wonderful sense of life slowing down a little.

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