A-Rosa Silva, 9 Nights Experience the Northern Rhine & Moselle ex Cologne, Germany Return

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9 Night Cruise sailing from Cologne, Germany onboard A-Rosa Silva

Sometimes you fancy an exciting trip that takes you from city to city. Other times, you might feel like a relaxing holiday with plenty of nature. What if you want to combine the two? Then visit the Rhine. You’ll be waving goodbye to Cologne Cathedral one minute, and not long afterwards you’ll find yourself saying hello to the EYE film museum in Amsterdam’s harbour. The ship will be moored directly behind the main train station – the ideal starting point for discovering this city of canals. If you fancy experiencing its multicultural side with all your senses, be sure to sample the international cuisine for which Amsterdam is so famous. Rotterdam is a truly impressive sight, with its contemporary architecture and its enormous harbour, which receives goods from all corners of the earth. You’ll then head for Antwerp. Its glittering history as a diamond centre still permeates the city today. A short detour to Cochem will reveal the romance of the Moselle valley, and on the way back, you’ll be captivated by the castles of Bernkastel-Kues. Trier is a wonderful place to go hiking. If you’d like to see the Rhine from above again, the best way is to take the cable car in Koblenz, which sweeps you across to the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. It’s the perfect place to enjoy great views across the city – and look back on an unforgettable cruise.

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