A-Rosa Luna, 14 Nights Route Intensive ex Lyon, France Return

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14 Night Cruise sailing from Lyon, France onboard A-Rosa Luna

The Rhône with its source in the Alps, the Saône with its source in the Vosges – together these two rivers created an axis of civilisation along which economic and cultural development took place. And along which one of the most beautiful cruise routes in the world is located. One more glass to go with the irresistible cuisine in the rustic wine-growing region of Burgundy? Lavish architecture and historical treasures await you on the riverbanks. Then on to Lyon! Playing hide-and-seek in the winding lanes would be an eight-year-old’s dream; adults, however, can enjoy the gourmet cuisine, the ancient relics and the commercial tradition that was established by the Romans. Downriver it gets a bit warmer, and Arles welcomes you with its laid-back atmosphere and the famous silvery light of Provence. Avignon shows off a little with its papal pomp. The journey continues, past imposing cliffs, fragrant lavender fields and Provençal villages – accompanied all the time by the sound of cicadas chirping. Everybody takes out their sunglasses, heralding the arrival at the glamorous Mediterranean coast.

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