A-Rosa Brava, 7 Nights Experience the Southern Rhine ex Cologne, Germany Return

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7 Night Cruise sailing from Cologne, Germany onboard A-Rosa Brava

The Rhine is the chameleon of the world’s rivers. Sometimes it seems wild; indeed, in the past it was dangerous, particularly at the Lorelei rocks. At other times it appears vast, as when it joins the Moselle in Koblenz. The romantic meadows of Rastatt invite you to picnic after an afternoon of rowing. And at other times human beings have tamed the river and turned it into an ornamental companion for elegant riverside promenades in cities such as Basle. It’s the perfect match for Baroque and Gothic architecture, and it looks amazing in photos. But its true home is between wild cliffs and dense forests, and between knights’ castles and winemaking villages whose vineyards it has made fertile over the course of its history.

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