A-Rosa Brava, 7 Nights Rhine Discovery St. Goar ex Cologne, Germany Return

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7 Night Cruise sailing from Cologne, Germany onboard A-Rosa Brava

It’s hard to believe that this glittering valley beneath the colourful comets and golden rain falling from the heavens was once a marshy wasteland. It was only after humans straightened the river that ships were able to pass here. Where sailors used to meet their demise at Lorelei and run aground on the treacherous shoals of the Rhine Valley, you can now enjoy a relaxed cocktail on deck and take photos. Photos of the castles of Katz and Maus near St. Goar, for example. These are just two of the impressive 40 castles located along this stretch of the Rhine which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And despite all the photos, and no matter how often you visit them, these castles never lose any of their mystical fascination.

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