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7 Night cruise sailing roundtrip from Lyon onboard A-Rosa Stella.

7 Night cruise sailing roundtrip from Lyon onboard A-Rosa Stella.

Ancient ruins, wild horses and old men playing boules on the market squares. Many of the scenes you encounter on this trip look like they come from a picture book. It’s the same in the rustic, rural region of Burgundy, where the hillsides are covered in the most famous vines in the world, from Pinot Noir to Chablis. You will never tire of exploring the labyrinthine alleys of the medieval-Baroque-modern merchant city of Lyon. But you can certainly eat your fill because every corner of this city demonstrates why Lyon is known as “la ville de gueule”, or “the city of the mouth”. Then it’s time to lose yourself in picturesque Provence, where immediately even your own watch begins to slow down. Soak up the joie de vivre, the colours and the beauty of nature. And the fact that for once all of your holiday photos – even the ones you snapped with your mobile phone – could be published in a picture book.

Highlights of this cruise:

What a city! Everyone should see Lyon if they have the opportunity. With its old town – a UNESCO Word Heritage Site – its narrow alleyways, rear courtyards, popular quays and large squares on the Presqu’île, as well as the more than 200 sights that are illuminated after dark, this city takes visitors on an extraordinary journey through different eras and cultures. And right on its doorstep, to the north-west, is Beaujolais. Enjoy fine food and wine and spellbinding views on your Rhône cruise. Idyllic destinations await you here.

Your idyllic Rhône cruise will now call at Chalon-sur-Saône. Its 80,000 inhabitants make it the second-largest city in Burgundy today. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the Saône region by bicycle or visit the city, with its many beautiful old townhouses and the Cathédrale Saint-Vincent, which is definitely worth seeing.

Welcome to the French town of Mâcon, the capital of the department of Saône-et-Loire. Mâcon is also the southernmost city in the Burgundy region and the centre of the Mâconnais district. Many guidebooks describe it as the ‘Gateway to Beaujolais’. The friendly, almost Mediterranean character of Mâcon’s inhabitants is underscored by a veritable sea of flowers in the city. You are sure to enjoy your time here.

Just a couple of kilometres away from the Rhône, you’ll find Châteauneuf-du-Pape – not to be confused with the wine-growing region of the same name in the Rhône valley. The town’s main attraction is the ruin of the Avignon popes’ summer residence.

Avignon is one of the most popular ports of call on A-ROSA’s Rhône cruises. It is an imposing, historic city in southern France that was home to several of the Catholic popes at one time. Make sure to visit the unique and unmissable Palais des Papes on an excursion to Avignon’s ancient quarter. The city and the surrounding region have a warm climate thanks to the Mediterranean – which means a pleasant stay for you!

Arles in southern France is the Provençal city par excellence. This sun-drenched city of terracotta-tiled rooftops occupies a broad bend in the River Rhône. Many of its monuments have named UNESCO World Heritage Sites. What’s more, Arles was once a great Roman port. As if all that weren’t reason enough to visit, the city was also home to Vincent van Gogh for a while. Did you know that?

This small medieval city in the Ardèche region is absolutely unmissable. It boasts numerous sights and is dotted with well-preserved monuments from bygone ages. Here in the Rhône region, the typical French attitude to life is also very apparent. Watch France’s history come alive in Viviers, and enjoy the diverse range of attractions that the city has to offer.

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