A-Rosa Stella, Rhone Route Mediterranee ex Lyon Return

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7 Night Cruise sailing from Lyon roundtrip aboard A-Rosa Stella.

7 Night Cruise sailing from Lyon roundtrip aboard A-Rosa Stella.

What is it that makes the south of France so special? So different from the other beautiful Mediterranean regions? Maybe it’s the fact that everything is a little more intense. The people, who are always so animated and open; the hard, angular dialect; the picturesque landscape with its dry red earth; the breathtaking ravines and even wild white horses. The mistral, which regularly blows stormily into your lungs. The wines are full-bodied and good. And then there’s the fantastic cuisine scented with herbs and olives, and the art, which positively hurls vibrant colours into the eye. The buildings play their part, too. Papal palaces, monasteries and castles, stony and awe-inspiring. The international jet set on the Côte d’Azur aren’t exactly known for understatement either. All of this is guaranteed to make you fall in love with the south of France – not just a little, but head over heels. And to have a holiday that is a little more intense. For all the senses.

Highlights of this cruise:

The old town “Vieux Lyon” features Renaissance houses making it worthy of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is for gourmets too: Lyon is dubbed “la ville de gueule” – the gourmet town. Furthermore it is known for its high-quality silk products and the Basilica of Notre-Dame die Fourvière above the city.

“On the bridge of Avignon, we all dance there” – the words of a folk song from the 15th century pay tribute to the unbridled joie de vivre at the foot of the Palace of the Popes. And this joie de vivre is still very much alive today.

Even if you haven’t yet paid the ancient Roman town a visit, you’re sure to recognise pictures of it. Vincent van Gogh painted Arles in 187 of his works. A few of his motifs have today been restored to their original state. The famous Camargue is also very close to Arles.

Port St. Louis
The city of Port St Louis is located on the left bank side of the River Rhône at a distance of approximately six kilometres to the Mediterranean Sea. The oldest monument is the tower Saint-Louis built in 1737. The view from its terrace of the beautiful Camargue is simply breathtaking.

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