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4 Night cruise departing roundtrip from Cologne onboard A-Rosa Silva.

4 Night cruise departing roundtrip from Cologne onboard A-Rosa Silva.

Magical Christmas markets huddle together in narrow timber-framed streets. Rüdesheim is in the Christmas mood. Celebrate with a glass of punch! Or perhaps with one of the world-famous local wines? Frankfurt’s towering Christmas tree proves that the city is as good at Christmas as it is at finance. One of Germany’s prettiest Christmas markets takes place every winter between the old Römerberg area and the historical St. Paul’s Church. The market and the rest of the city are overflowing with Christmas gift ideas for loved ones. And for yourself. Mainz’s Nikolose Market has a history stretching back more than 200 years. Today you can enjoy a mulled wine and Christmas baking in the market square in front of the mighty cathedral. As you do so, admire the lights twinkling around the colourful Renaissance façades of the historical buildings surrounding the market. The panorama of the Middle Rhine Valley – which, with its enchanting valleys and mountains dotted with knight’s castles, itself calls for a celebration – will accompany you onwards to Koblenz. Wrap up with a scarf and hat, and head out onto the ice! Experience the aroma of sugared almonds as you skate around the romantic rink in this old Roman city, with Christmas music accompanying the clip-clop of picturesque horse-drawn carriages. More Christmassy even than in Santa's grotto.

Highlights of this cruise:

Cologne, the old Cathedral city, is also one of the most important traffic hubs and commercial centres in Germany, with world famous trade fairs and a busy shipping traffic. Cologne developed out of a Roman colony and looks back on a history of more than 2000 years. In the Middle Ages it was one of the leading towns in Germany. The Second World War destroyed most of the inner city; these parts were rebuilt in a modern style. The landmark and emblem of the city is the Cathedral, a masterpiece of High Gothic architecture and one of the largest cathedrals in Europe. Other tourist attractions are the town hall, the Malakoff Tower, the St Martin Church and the old abbey.

Rüdesheim, an ancient little town, stretches along the Rhine under the hills of the Niederwald. The best vineyards are traditionally said to have been planted with Traminer vines by Charlemagne. The excellent local wines and the charming and varied scenery have enabled Rüdesheim to develop since the end of the 19th century into one of the busiest tourist and holiday centres on the Middle Rhine, with a host of friendly restaurants and wine taverns, particularly along the famous Drosselgasse. Rüdesheim has two castles – the Oberburg and the Vorderburg – both were built in the 12th century.

Mainz is a historic old town, a former Electoral residence, seat of an Archbishop and also the city of Gutenberg. The city is a focal point of the western end of the Rhine-Main economic region. Around 1450 Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of printing with movable type, set up his press in Mainz. Points of interest are the St Martin and St Stephen cathedrals, the castle of Mainz and the Gutenberg Museum.

frankfurt is known for its “Manhattan skyline” with the Messeturm (convention tower) which is the highest building in Europe. The old imperial city is one of the most important trading and economic centres in Germany. Many important banks and the most important stock market are situated in Frankfurt. Frankfurt was the birthplace of J.W. v. Goethe and its many universities, theatre and museums provide a diversified cultural life.

Koblenz is not just where history meets modernity, but also where the Rhine meets the Mosel: at the “Deutsches Eck” (“German Corner”) the two rivers join each other in front of the equestrian statue of Emperor William I.

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