A-Rosa Mia, Danube Mini Cruise ex Engelhartszell Roundtrip

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3 Night Cruise sailing from Engelhartszell roundtrip aboard A-Rosa Mia.

3 Night Cruise sailing from Engelhartszell roundtrip aboard A-Rosa Mia.

It seems as if the Wachau valley made itself extra beautiful for the mighty Danube. And for you as you pass through on the A-ROSA. Spectacular cliffs beside sun-kissed vineyards, castles with tumultuous histories, and the Benedictine abbeys at Melk and Göttweig, both of which are almost 1,000 years old. There are so many beautiful sights that you hardly have time to blink. And so it is in Vienna as well. This magnificent imperial city has enough attractions to keep you busy – and amazed – for weeks. But the greatest attraction that all visitors should take away with them is the charming atmosphere of this unique city.

Highlights of this cruise:

This is a real highlight of your Danube cruise: Vienna, the capital of Austria with that extra-special something. The locals sound as though they are singing when they speak, and it is customary for certain business owners to address their regular customers with their full title. That’s just the way things are done here. With its wealth of museums, galleries, palaces and castles, plus the state opera and many theatres, the city enjoys a lively cultural scene all year-round. The Viennese are proud of their city – and rightly so!

Krems an der Donau is not far from the Austrian capital of Vienna. The city is part of the Wachau, a stretch of the Danube valley and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your Danube cruise will take you through Krems, passing through the Wachau on the way to and from Vienna.

A visit to Melk, the ‘Gateway to the Wachau’, brings you to the Danube Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can marvel at glorious landscapes. And no trip to the Wachau would be complete without a trip to Melk Abbey, a Benedictine monastery. This is a region where towns and landscapes appear to exist in perfect harmony.

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