A-Rosa Donna, Danube Mini Cruise Vienna ex Engelhartszell Return

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4 Night Cruise sailing from Engelhartszell roundtrip aboard A-Rosa Donna.

4 Night Cruise sailing from Engelhartszell roundtrip aboard A-Rosa Donna.

In the Schlögener Loop, the Danube makes two spectacular U-turns before finally deciding to take the most beautiful route to Vienna: through the narrow Wachau valley, where castle ruins and icing-sugar monasteries peep out from terraced vineyards and apricot orchards. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the home of great wines and beguilingly beautiful. You’ll be spoiled for choice in Vienna. There’s just so much to see: historical buildings and museums, naturally, but also unexpected delights like a café that sells furniture, crazy second-hand shops and a tiny basement where you can listen to the finest jazz music. Linz will captivate you with its exciting stylistic contrasts, from Baroque to contemporary. Alone the Lentos Art Museum, which features works from the 20th and 21st centuries, and the Ars Electronica Center, with its high-tech exhibits, will keep you busy for hours.

Highlights of this cruise:

This is a real highlight of your Danube cruise: Vienna, the capital of Austria with that extra-special something. The locals sound as though they are singing when they speak, and it is customary for certain business owners to address their regular customers with their full title. That’s just the way things are done here. With its wealth of museums, galleries, palaces and castles, plus the state opera and many theatres, the city enjoys a lively cultural scene all year-round. The Viennese are proud of their city – and rightly so!

Your Danube cruise is the perfect opportunity to get to know the Austrian city of Linz. It offers an exciting mix of cultural attractions and true works of art. You’ll discover a modern, cosmopolitan city whose diversity, design and creativity really make it stand out. And no visit to Linz would be complete without a trip to a cafe to sample its specialities, such as the famous Linzer Torte.

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