Mariner, Bahamas & Perfect Day Cruise ex Port Canaveral Roundtrip



4 Night Cruise sailing from Port Canaveral roundtrip aboard Mariner of the Seas.

4 Night Cruise sailing from Port Canaveral roundtrip aboard Mariner of the Seas.

A collection of experiences designed to give every guest the holiday they're looking for. That's Mariner of the Seas® – a ship built for adventure, relaxation and everything in between. There's now even more to enjoy onboard including new shopping experiences and a revitalised Casino Royale®!

Plus signature favourites are still onboard. Climb a rock wall that overlooks the sea, or challenge yourself on the basketball court, ice-skating rink or mini-golf course. Have a perfect zen moment, either poolside or at the relaxing VitalitySM Spa. Liven up your nights on the Royal Promenade, with parades, dancing and now more duty-free shopping deals. And bring along some friends – with new shops, spacious public areas, enhanced staterooms and a spectacular three-story dining room, this ship has room for your whole crew.

Highlights of this cruise:

Snap a photo of the sunrise from the sands of Canaveral National Seashore. Then grab breakfast at a cozy café in Historic Cocoa Village. Speed through the St. John River marshlands on an exhilarating airboat ride. Cruise from Orlando and kayak past giraffes at the Brevard Zoo, or climb to the top of Exploration Tower for panoramic views of the port.

This isn’t vacation days spent. This is bragging rights earned. With one-of-a-kind ways to thrill and chill, all in the same day. Like conquering the tallest waterslide in North America, and snapping a shot from 400 feet up in a helium balloon. A drink at the swim-up bar in the Caribbeans’ largest freshwater pool. Or a taste of Bora Bora in the only private overwater cabanas in the Bahamas. This is Perfect Day at CocoCay — only on Royal Caribbean®.

Caribbean charm shines in the Bahamian capital, where you’re never more than a few steps away from rhythmic percussions, appetizing flavors, white-sand beaches, and some of the clearest waters in the world. This picture-perfect paradise was once a pirate’s haven— and you can explore its colorful past of buccaneers, blockade-runners and bootleggers along historical streets and at the three colonial fortresses that line the shores. If you’re looking for a more hands-on maritime adventure, look no further. Cruise to Nassau and swim with stingrays, dive with dolphins, or spot colorful coral on a glass-bottom boat. And just across the bridge is beautiful Paradise Island, home to world-famous luxury hotels and resorts. Spend the day at the famous Atlantis and splash your way through its expansive water park, grab a piña colada at the Marina Village, and spot the hammerhead sharks in Predator Lagoon.

Pricing (per person)

  • All (30)
Quad Triple Twin Single

4V - Inside

AU$ 471 AU$ 481 AU$ 502 AU$ 870

ZI - Inside

AU$ 471 AU$ 481 AU$ 502 AU$ 870

2V - Inside

AU$ 485 AU$ 498 AU$ 523 AU$ 912

YO - Outside

AU$ 492 AU$ 505 AU$ 530 AU$ 925

3V - Inside

AU$ 492 AU$ 507 AU$ 537 AU$ 939

4N - Outside

AU$ 495 AU$ 512 AU$ 544 AU$ 953

2N - Outside

AU$ 502 AU$ 521 AU$ 558 AU$ 981

1V - Inside

AU$ 506 AU$ 523 AU$ 558 AU$ 981

3N - Outside

AU$ 505 AU$ 525 AU$ 564 AU$ 994

1N - Outside

AU$ 519 AU$ 541 AU$ 585 AU$ 1,036

2T - Inside

AU$ 523 AU$ 544 AU$ 585 AU$ 1,036

CP - Inside

AU$ 523 AU$ 544 AU$ 585 AU$ 1,036

4M - Outside

AU$ 523 AU$ 548 AU$ 599 AU$ 1,063

4D - Balcony

AU$ 558 AU$ 581 AU$ 627 AU$ 1,119

XB - Balcony

AU$ 567 AU$ 592 AU$ 640 AU$ 1,146

2D - Balcony

AU$ 571 AU$ 596 AU$ 647 AU$ 1,160

CB - Balcony

AU$ 582 AU$ 613 AU$ 675 AU$ 1,215

4B - Balcony

AU$ 589 AU$ 622 AU$ 689 AU$ 1,243

5D - Balcony

AU$ 592 AU$ 627 AU$ 696 AU$ 1,257

2B - Balcony

AU$ 595 AU$ 631 AU$ 702 AU$ 1,270

1L - Outside

AU$ 606 AU$ 654 AU$ 751 AU$ 1,367

3B - Balcony

AU$ 630 AU$ 677 AU$ 771 AU$ 1,408

1B - Balcony

AU$ 637 AU$ 686 AU$ 785 AU$ 1,436

1K - Outside

AU$ 640 AU$ 703 AU$ 827 AU$ 1,519

J4 - Deluxe

AU$ 792 AU$ 894 AU$ 1,096 AU$ 2,057

WS - Deluxe

AU$ 792 AU$ 894 AU$ 1,096 AU$ 2,057

J3 - Deluxe

AU$ 799 AU$ 900 AU$ 1,103 AU$ 2,071

GS - Deluxe

AU$ 1,091 AU$ 1,291 AU$ 1,691 AU$ 3,248

OS - Deluxe

AU$ 1,101 AU$ 1,303 AU$ 1,705 AU$ 3,276

GT - Deluxe

AU$ 1,288 AU$ 1,554 AU$ 2,085 AU$ 4,035

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