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12 Night Cruise sailing from Tromso roundtrip aboard Viking Polaris.

12 Night Cruise sailing from Tromso roundtrip aboard Viking Polaris.

Sail from Tromsø to the western coast of Svalbard and experience the stark beauty of the Arctic, where polar bears reign and blue ice floats serenely on the horizon. Here it is silent and still one moment, a cacophony of migrating birds, barking seals and calving glaciers the next. From this northern archipelago of frozen tundra, dramatic fjords and remote human settlements, you will witness this world awakening from winter slumber to a land of midnight sun.

Day 1 Tromsø, Norway
Arrive in Tromsø and step on board your ship to begin your journey. Your overnight stay allows time to discover the northern city on your own.

Day 2 Tromsø, Norway
Enjoy the lovely setting of Tromsø’s historic center and admire its blend of wooden structures and neoclassical buildings. The stunning Arctic Cathedral with its striking triangular shape is the city’s most recognizable symbol. Experience life north of the Arctic Circle in northern Norway’s largest city as you prepare for the real Arctic adventures to come.

Day 3 - 6 Explore Svalbard
Discover dramatic landscapes north of the Arctic Circle. Your journey begins on Bjørnøya, “Bear Island,” Svalbard’s most remote and southerly island, where over a million seabirds gather to breed annually. As you explore the rest of the archipelago, look out for arctic foxes, seals and whales, or simply enjoy the sounds of nature and views of the surrounding unspoiled wilderness. You may explore a shoreline rich with varied flowers of the tundra or hike a glacial moraine for sweeping views of a fjord. Watch for polar bears as you cruise, passing ice where you might spot the bearded and ringed seals upon which they prey.

Day 7 Scenic Cruising: Polar Ice Cap
Sail into the high latitudes north of Svalbard. Here is the southernmost extent of a seasonally expanding and contracting layer of sea ice that surrounds the North Pole. Keep an eye out for polar bears; these excellent swimmers spend much of their time on remote ice floes hunting seals. This region is also home to ghostly white beluga whales and the rarely seen narwhals, whose spiral tusks were once sold as unicorn horns at exorbitant prices.

Day 8 - 11 Explore Svalbard
Return to Svalbard to continue your exploration. Walk among the titanic skulls and jawbones of ancient bowhead whales, and explore “blubber ovens” and other vestiges of the whaling industry that once dominated the archipelago. Visit a former coal mining town featuring colorful buildings surrounded by steep mountains. Weather permitting, you may wish to photograph nearby mountains and fjords.

Day 12 Cruise the Barents Sea
Sail the Barents Sea, named for the Dutch navigator Willem Barents who discovered Svalbard during an ill-fated search for a Northeast Passage from Europe to Asia. As you cruise, learn about the ecology of these bountiful waters and observe small seabirds—guillemots, auks and razorbills—hunting for food in the open ocean.

Day 13 Tromsø, Norway
Disembark your ship. From here, you may choose to return home, stay longer in Tromsø, or extend your journey with one of our extension packages.

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