Bolette, Cultural Cities & Scenic Islands ex Callao to Southampton

South America


30 Night Cruise sailing from Callao to Southampton aboard Bolette.

30 Night Cruise sailing from Callao to Southampton aboard Bolette.

Embark Bolette in Peru for a holiday of a lifetime and you’ll discover cultural gems, historic highlights and experience scenic wonders galore during a relaxing and memorable journey back to the UK, sailing via a string of captivating cities and beautiful islands in the Americas.

After joining your smaller ship in Callao, this rewarding cruise adventure begins in memorable fashion, with four days to relax, settle into life on board and experience the magic of ocean cruising, and with a transit of the magnificent Panama Canal – one of the world’s greatest engineering feats. Then, as you discover some of Central America’s greatest countries and destinations, an abundance of unforgettable experiences are yours to enjoy.
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Be engrossed in history of Cartagena de Indias in Colombia, with its centuries-old city walls, fortifications and fine colonial Spanish architecture; and uncover ancient sites in Mexico and Belize. Cozumel is home to legendary Mayan ruins and shrines dedicated to Ixchel, while Belize City is the gateway to an abundance of archaeological wonders. Don’t miss the chance to embrace nature amongst coral reefs and rainforests within reach on tour from Cozumel, Belize City and the Costa Rican city of Puerto Limon too. Your time in the Americas will then conclude in the Caribbean, stopping in the Bahamas and Bermuda to sample paradise amongst beautiful beaches, warm crystal-clear waters and laid-back cities alive with colourful culture. When you finally head for home, you’ll cross the Atlantic – one of the great ocean cruise experiences – and stop at São Miguel in the verdant Azores, and add the Spanish style and culture of La Coruña to the end of your journey too.

Highlights of this cruise:

Callao, Peru
Callao is the Peruvian capital's once-grand port area, which has been brought back to life with culture, cuisine and rich history. An important commercial centre since the colonial era, the city retains many fine colonial mansions and elaborate examples of architecture. The Real Felipe fortress is an impressive building built to defend the city from pirates and was central to Peru’s war of independence.

La Punta, the area around the port, was once home to Lima’s aristocracy. It has many stately houses and a wonderful seafront promenade lined with delightful cafés. The Military Museum has many fascinating artefacts, including old weaponry, while the Navy Museum is devoted to the country’s naval heritage.

Visitors can take easy transport links from Callao to explore the Peruvian capital, Lima, and learn about the country's dramatic history, from the Inca Empire to the Spanish conquistadors.

Cozumel, Mexico
Cozumel, is famed for its Mayan history, coral reefs and scuba diving. Lying off the Yucatan coast, the island has over 40 shrines to Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of the moon, the sea and fertility. Many are carved from coral – the island is part of the Great Maya Barrier Reef – and archaeologists regularly find the small clay dolls, which were offerings to the goddess.

The eco-park, Chankanaab, is the number one attraction in Cozumel; a lagoon with underwater caverns, and home to dolphins, manatees, iguanas and sea turtles. The relaxing haven of the National Marine Park boasts stunning beaches and beautiful botanical gardens. The popular diving spot around a section of the Mesoamerican Reef is the location of the amazing submerged sculptures of Museo Subacuático de Arte.

Museo de la Isla de Cozumel, in the small town of San Miguel, has interesting exhibits about the island, its flora and fauna, and the formation of the coral reef. There are also Mayan artefacts and various items from its time as a Spanish colony, including cannons, swords and armour.

King's Wharf, Bermuda
King’s Wharf is one of two ports in Bermuda, a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic. Situated on Ireland Island in the country’s West End, King’s Wharf is also known as the Royal Naval Dockyard. This historic area has plenty to offer, yet is only a 20-minute drive from the capital of Hamilton.

Used by the Royal Navy until 1995, the Dockyard has since been transformed into a popular tourist hub with restaurants, bars, shops and water sports available in the area. Remnants of its use as a naval base are still evident across the sprawling site, including stone buildings and fortifications.

The National Museum of Bermuda, in the grounds of the Dockyard, tells the story of the island’s history and contains numerous artefacts, from shipwrecked treasure to cannons to art. Hamilton is one of the smallest capitals in the world, and can be reached easily via road or ferry. This pretty harbour city has some lovely beaches as well as a picturesque harbour front lined with pastel-coloured buildings.

La Coruña, Spain
The city of La Coruña is the capital of the province and a busy seaport situated in the Galicia region of northwest Spain. Most famous for its Roman lighthouse, the diverse architectural styles of La Coruña make the city an absolute delight for sightseeing.

La Coruña boasts an impressive seafront promenade, beautiful beaches and a host of attractions such as the Domus Museum, the Casa del Hombre and Torre De Hercules – said to be the only Roman lighthouse in existence – which offers sweeping coastal views from the top of its 60 metre high tower. The Paseo Marítimo, a lovely 13km walkway and bike path, runs from the port, around the peninsula, and along the ocean beaches.

The compact Ciudad Vieja – La Coruña’s old quarter – is a must-visit area. Often referred to as “the city” by the locals, the medieval centre contains remains of the centuries-old Roman wall that once protected it. The arcaded Plaza de María Pita, surrounded by narrow pedestrianized lanes, is a popular spot, and features the Estatua de María Pita, a statue of a 16th century woman who warned the town of an invasion by Sir Francis Drake. The medieval Church of Santiago, the Museum of Sacred Art and the Military Museum are all fine places of interest.

Beyond the historic city is a proud, modern metropolis, which boasts a superb food scene and a buzzing nightlife. The world’s best picnic food, empanadas, and the locally produced beer, Estrella, both demand trying.

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