Janssonius, ex St Helena to Praia (Cape Verde Islands)

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9 Night Cruise sailing from St Helena to Pria (Cape Verde Islands) aboard Janssonius.

9 Night Cruise sailing from St Helena to Pria (Cape Verde Islands) aboard Janssonius.

PLEASE NOTE: All itineraries are for guidance only. Programs may vary depending on local ice and weather conditions and in order to take advantage of opportunities to see wildlife. The on-board expedition leader determines the final itinerary. Itineraries may mention places that require permission to land, which must be granted by the relevant national authorities. Such permission is not granted prior to the publishing of these itineraries. Flexibility is paramount for expedition cruises. Average cruising speed for m/v Janssonius is 10,5 knots.

During the days at sea the chances of meeting whales are high. Witness the northbound spring migration of northern birds like Arctic Terns and Long-tailed Skuas who join us in crossing the Equator (“the Line”).

Day 1: Heading out of Helena
Your journey starts in Jamestown, a uniquely situated city that offers much to see before setting sail. Enjoy the local British culture, pleasant tropical climate, and endemic birds of this remote volcanic island. You can visit Longwood House, where Napoleon died in 1821, and even walk the 699-step Jacob’s Ladder if you feel ambitious enough. If you have more time, you can also go on small hikes or snorkel the shallows, seeing multitudes of tropical and subtropical fish.

Day 2 - 3: Sailing the Ridge
Here you sail along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the submarine mountain range running some 16,000 kilometres (10,000 miles) from the Arctic Ocean to near the southern tip of Africa.

Day 4 - 5: Onward to Ascension
This dry volcanic island is a major home for the sooty tern (also known as the wideawake), whose colony here sometimes grows to over a million breeding pairs. You may get the chance for a hike to the richly vegetated top of this island, and a visit the shore to watch the green turtles laying eggs on the beach.

Day 6 – 9: Across the Equator
Joining you across the Equator are Arctic terns and long-tailed skuas in their northbound spring migration.

Day 10: Praia, Cape Verde Islands
You disembark in Praia on Santiago Island - the capital of the Cape Verde Islands, at 9:00 hours.

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