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Luther Blount, the founder of Blount Small Ship Adventures, could have stopped the day he coined the term “small ship cruising.” By then, he was a prolific inventor and shipbuilder. He’d created ships so innovative, his competitors lined up, hoping to buy them. But he always saved the biggest innovations for his own fleet. Ships with bow ramps. Retractable pilot houses. Ships totally unlike anything else in cruising. He’d taken people deep into the nooks and crannies of the world, and along the way, discovered adventure in the places big cruises couldn’t sail.

Today, we celebrate another year of Blount Small Ship Adventures. And, we celebrate a man who kept on sailing. Who kept innovating with a passion that lives on, every time a Blount ship leaves port.

Every Blount Small Ship adventure is a little different. It comes from a once in a lifetime combination of passengers, crew and destination that make for something truly magical.

?Your journey starts the moment you step aboard. The first thing you notice is the casual atmosphere. You begin to unwind. Relax. And it’s then that you get the itch to explore. So why not take a photography class, and get to know your cameras a little better, and maybe even make your vacation pictures a little more interesting along the way? Or attend a wine tasting, featuring vintages from the city on the banks of the river you’re cruising? Or learn from an onboard naturalist, teaching you about the wildlife at your next destination?

And because Blount cruises are filled with people filled with curiosity, you’re just as likely to learn a thing or two from your fellow passengers before you come home.

The possibilities keep coming once you land onshore. Our cruises have kayaks, snorkel equipment, and bikes available. So if you’re looking to explore the port, we have just the stuff you need. Over the years, we’ve developed close relationships in many of our ports, so our shore excursions are always personal, unexpected, and rewarding. You could end up visiting a small thatched-roof village, blowing soap bubbles, and laughing with local children. Exploring ancient Mayan ruins. Or enjoying bluegrass music by the banks of the Mississippi.

When you cruise with Blount, every day is filled with possibilities.


We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. We pride ourselves on serving fresh, creative dishes, many representative of the local cuisine. For the convenience of our passengers, menus are posted daily. We are happy to accommodate certain dietary restrictions provided we are notified in advance. Refreshments and snacks are available 24 hours a day in the lounge and dining room. Select house wine and beer is included during lunch and dinner service. There is an open seating policy to encourage meeting as many of your traveling companions as possible.

BYO Alcohol Policy
We are one of the few cruise lines that allow passengers to bring their own beverages onboard. We believe our BYOB benefit gives you the freedom to choose when and what you want to consume. Plus, you will never leave our cruise with a large bar tab! We do include select house wine and beer with lunch and dinner during meal service. We also provide mixers, ice, snacks, and cold and dry storage in our lounge where you can serve yourself anytime you choose.

Can Children Travel on the Cruise?

Children who are 14 years or older and accompanied by an adult are welcome onboard.