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Our cruises are fundamentally different than other Amazon cruises, how? They are true Expedition Cruises.

Exploration: We go farther and deeper into the rainforest than any other cruise vessel - anywhere in the Amazon. Our voyages explore deep into a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site in the least inhabited major river system in all of the Amazon Basin, the Rio Negro --- and out there, among the greatest collection of flora and fauna in the world, it's just us.

Small Groups: One of the most important and often overlooked keys to exploration is small groups. When our teams are in the forest or on launch excursions, there are usually just seven or eight explorers including our guides.

Skilled Guides: Our guides are the very best in the Amazon. With their sharp eyes and ears we all can find and experience the bizarre and beautiful creatures of this wild wilderness.

Active and Authentic Excursions: We do not waste precious time. Our days in the rainforest are spent on many excursions to actively engage with the wilderness. We explore by launch, we walk in the rainforest, we silently paddle in kayaks, we fish for piranhas, we swim in refreshing water, and sometimes we visit villages that are small, remote, and unspoiled. This is the best way to experience the rainforest and the only authentic way.


Our cooks create delicious meals based on Amazonian cuisine using all locally sourced fruits, fishes, and flavors unique to the Amazon. We do not strive for gourmet nor do we aspire to fine dining, but our meals are wholesome, locally sourced, and delicious. Our cooks rise before dawn to make a large breakfast and there is always a tantalizing scent coming out of the galley. We very frequently have travelers with special diets, including vegetarian. We do our very best to ensure that everyone has enjoyable meals on the Motor Yacht Tucano.