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Polar expedition cruising is what we love to do. It is all we intend to do, and we intend to do it better than anyone else.
The Polar Regions are not only where we travel, they are also why we travel.

We provide top-of-the-line catering, staffing, and accommodation. At Polar Latitudes, our Expedition Team members are world-class leaders and lecturers who are hospitality-trained. We take the best Zodiac drivers and Naturalists and provide them additional training and guidance to ensure they have the service skills to do the job right. Additionally, all our voyages feature an on-board Customer Service Representative. Our CSRs are knowledgeable and experienced sales people who are empowered to make the decisions and changes that are critical to passengers satisfaction.

Our all-suite vessel, the Sea Explorer, boasts a level of comfort unmatched in polar waters. Our world-class polar team has developed programs for both first-time visitors and those returning for a deeper exploration, and our on-board staff stands ready to fulfill our mission, to create and lead superior polar expedition cruises.


Great expeditions require great food!

Our team of world-class chefs offer breakfast, lunch and dinner menus that change daily.They have boat-loads of creativity, so you are sure to experience a variety of remarkable cuisine throughout your voyage.