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Available Cruise Lines

Meals on the ships are generally international or American specialties, with additional selections available reflecting the area of the world we are traveling in, all prepared by international chefs.

Breakfasts are standard American fare. Meals ashore vary depending on the restaurants we frequent and the part of the world we are in.

Special dietary menus, such as vegetarian or low-fat, can be accommodated on board, with the exception of kosher cuisine. We do our best to provide such menus on land as well. We ask you to notify us well before departure so that we can prepare appropriately.

All meals on board are served in group seatings. Generally breakfast and lunch are buffet-style, while table service is provided at dinner. Tables are typically large, so you will likely be dining with other passengers.

Tipping Guidelines

All gratutities, from porters and ship's crew to tour guides and drivers are included in your tour price.

Are there children on your trips? Do you offer family voyages?

We design most of our trips for mature travelers, though a few programs (like The Galápagos or Antarctica) would be appropriate for younger people traveling with their parents, grandparents or other adult family members. We do not have a set age limit, though our trips would not be appropriate for infants and toddlers. Occasionally there is a minimum age requirement from a land operator in a particular country, so it is always good to inform our Expedition Advisors when children under the age of eighteen will be traveling with you.