Niuafo'ou (Tin Can Island), Tonga

Pacific Ocean between Fiji and Samoa, 574 km north of Tongatapu island group and 337 kilometers northwest of Vavaʻu. It is a still active volcano with a steep-sided calderas; the rim is over 120 meters high, rising to a height of 250 meters at Mokotu. Other names for the island are Good Hope island and Tin Can island.

The island ring encloses two lakes. The largest, Vai Lahi, is a crater lake 23 meters above sea level, 4 kilometers wide, and 84 meters deep. The lake contains three islands and a submerged island that appears when the water level drops. Vai Lahi is separated from the smaller Vai Siʻi (or Vai Mataʻaho) by a desolate landscape of sand hills. The island is covered by forest on the inner walls of the crater lake, and on the island's eastern and western slopes.

The coastline is rocky and steep with only a few stony black sand beaches. All the villages are in the north and east. Public places like the post office, telecommunications station and airport are in Angahā in the north.

Things to See and Do

* A visit to Vai Lahi Lake
* Hike around the island
* Sulphur springs
* Lava vents
* Fishing for Lapila fish

Cruise Season – Jan – Dec
Currency – Paʻanga (TOP)
Language – English, Tongan
Land Area – 15 km²
Population – 750 approx
Electricity – 2 angled flat pins and 1 round pin centred below Australian style
Time – GMT plus thirteen hours
International Country Telephone Code – + 676

Port Location – The only landing place on the island is the end of a lava flow at Futu, in the west

Transport Links – Travel by air is definitely an easier option for visiting Niuafo'ou. There is weekly air service by Airlines Tonga and Peau Vava'u. There is also ferry service from Tongatapu which operates approximately 6 times per year.

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