Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland

Qeqertarsuaq is a port and town in Qaasuitsup municipality, located on the south coast of Disko Island on the west coast of Greenland. Disko Island is a large island in Baffin Bay, off the west coast of Greenland. It is the second largest island of Greenland (after the main island of Greenland) and one of the 100 largest islands in the world.

Activities on Disko Island include a visit to the Arctic Station near Godhavn, where scientists introduce visitors to their work in Greenland. An interesting area is Engelskmandens Havn, where there are hotsprings. An excursion to the south-facing cliffs of Qeqertaq Island (Diskofjord), home to thousands of Fulmar is available.

Things to See & Do

* Visit to the Arctic Station
* Hot springs at Engelskmandens Havn
* Excursion to the cliffs of Qeqertaq Island
* Bird watching
* Adventure activities – snowmobiling, hiking, sailing

General Information

Cruise Season – May - Oct
Currency – Danish krone (DKK)
Language – Kalaalllisut, Danish
Population – 1,100 approx
Area – 8,578 km²
Electricity – 2 round pins European style
Time – GMT minus three hours
International Country Telephone Code + 299

Travel Links - During the winter, Air Greenland operates air services from Qeqertarsuaq Heliport to Ilulissat, Qasigiannguit, and Aasiaat.

When the waters of Disko Bay are navigable during summer and autumn, the heliport is closed and communication between settlements occurs only by sea via Diskoline. The ferry links Qeqertarsuaq with Ilulissat, Aasiaat, Qasigiannguit, and Kitsissuarsuit.

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